Photo by Jason Knott
Looking Glass
by Genny Lim, from Winter Place

I dreamt your hand groping
inside my black panties
And your hard-on
against my thighs
Your man's breath trapped mine
but the hunt went in reverse and
the flame of your tongue sucked
into the syringe of my throat
surrendered and burst

I faked it
fucking what wasn't there
inside a dream
waiting to be discovered
by one more Columbus
colonized by
the all-american white boy
you who went slumming
inside me
for free

I could have been
a great whore
chance allowing or
a white woman
at the throw of the dice
indulging in the decadence of
satin sheets and foreplay
without a thought to tomorrow
What's the difference
between her cold masturbations
or my need to fuck?
In the absence of equality
What's the real difference
between She
and Me?

copyright 2001, Genny Lim

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