Humberto Rivera

Humberto Rivera speaks in broken english crawls through the language of Big Macs and Coca-Cola with a club foot accent and manages to tell his boss-- how much he needs the extra hours.

Humberto Rivera misses his first two periods every day because he doesn't get home from work until 2am even Dave and Leno don't wait up for Humberto Rivera much less the pedagogy of oppression known as the American Public School System

Humberto Rivera Mexican National Illegal Alien Wetback Gang Type At Risk LEP/NEP student Border Brother Chilango Roquero Chavo Beaner Spic Fuckin' Mexican Mijo Hermano Joven

Humberto Rivera feared by his teachers ridiculed by his peers ignored by society.

Humberto waits in line for his subsidized lunch waits along side 200 bronze children ancestors of Guatemoc, sons of Texcatilpoca daughters of la Malinche waiting for lunch waiting for papers waiting for a better future waiting...

While outside at Burger King and Taco Bell uppity Chicanos and Gavacho kids who can afford it scarf down beefy nachos and whoppers and learn the perks of social stratification.

Humberto Rivera misspells the word Mayflower on his test; but he couldn't care less about the pilgrims and the cherry tree as he struggles to understand how he is related to the founding fathers. He puts these thoughts aside and focuses on holding out 'til the end of the year on just making it through the end of this day.

Humberto Rivera does not have time to wonder why the other kids look forward to summer "vacation" and on the 4th of July he catches a glimpse of the fireworks from the 23rd floor of the empty high rise and behind the hum of his vacuum cleaner he hears the crowd outside cheering for independence and freedom. And while the band plays God Bless America Humberto Rivera scrubs the shit from corporate toilets and ponders if he is thankful for being in America
  --Marc David Pinate