Drum Song

the drum beat could be heard from the four directions since the beginning of time, since mother earth first whispered the rhythms of life into the thirsty young ear of the cedar tree. and the cries and screams of the very first drum made their way through the forests and deserts, through the plains and the mountains, paying homage to the eternal cirde of life.

and it was the song of the drum which gave thanks to el gran creador in both life and death; the heart beat of the land which took us from it and on to the next world.

the drums were playing when jesucristo se murio' y nos quito' todos nuestros pecados, pero solo para dejar espacio paia otros.

pero la conquista was never a new sin. we have been doing it to each other since father sky first put his arms around the land and with a great abrazo squeezed our future into being; this was the day that the drums played loudly, the day that the ships tip-toed onto the shores under the black shadow of fate, hidden behind the festering mask of conversion.

and the drums were playing when la malinche gave birth to the mongrel child of destiny under the watchful eyes of the midnight stars who have seen everything since the beginning, y asi fue que el primer nino de la raza, todavia cuvierto en la sangre de la vida, looked up at the moon and shattered the night like glass with its first shrill cry as it entered this world saying here i am aqui estoy.

the drums were outlawed shortly thereafter, for everyone knew, including the priests, that the drum could not be shackled, its essence the rhythm of life, the song of freedom and the beat of the long past. silence never overtook the drum song; we hid the rhythms in the crevices of memory.

and it was perhaps an ancient drum song that first came to juanito's mind that fateful day that day when the drum, in a sense, made its way into the church at last, with its head held high. that day at tepayak when nuestra senora, tonanzin called all her children together and fused the first of many worlds together. el es dios.
  --Marc David Pinate