Astronout Bio

The sound that Astronout creates is intense and surreal. Comprised of 30 year old Mark Camp, Astronout music ranges from trip hop to Jungle and back again. Mark has been involved in electronic music since his early days of high school when he and a group of friends started an all synth band that covered songs by the likes of OMD, Human League, and Depeche Mode. This did not go over very well at his predominately "rock" oriented high school. But Mark pressed on with his love for electronics and electronic music. After graduating from high school, Mark attended Cogswell Polytechnical College where he studied music technology and discovered the powers of MIDI and Digital Audio.

In college Mark began making Industrial music with his band Factor One, gaining a small following in the San Jose industrial scene. Soon after a friend took Mark to his first Rave, which transformed his out look on life and music. As Mark fell deeper into the Rave scene, he started performing in Ambient rooms, making a name for himself and gaining respect for his obscure ambient soundscapes.

Mark released his first Astronout 12" with then band mate Keith Krate. A two track ambient white label that is still in demand. Astronout music continued to grow as Mark collaborated with friends including legendary San Jose dj, DjSpun and Coutney Nielsen of Central Fire. The trio started EAC Records for the purpose of releasing their own music. Other releases include a 12" on Om/Dreamworks recording artists Soulstice's BCE Records, and tracks on various compilation cds including Cali Drum and Bass out on Max Music with friend Todd Mellors, and a track on the Off The Streets compilation on Ultraviolet Records. Recently Mark has been working with another legendary San Jose DJ, Rick Preston, producing some house tracks for various labels including Viva!, After Hours Records, and also has a guest spot on Smash Mouth's Astro Lounge on Interscope Records.

Astronout Discology

Astronout White Lable 12"

This is Acid - Big Fish Records 12"

Drop Till you Dance - Big Fish Records CD Compilation

A Terren Collective - Brain Candy Records 12"

EAC - EAC Records

EAC2 - EAC Records

Off the Streets - Ultraviolet Records CD Compilation

Cali Drum And Bass - Max Music CD Compilation (as Saifronout with Todd Mellors)

Astro Lounge - Smash Mouth on Interscope Guest spot.

Spring Fling - Viva Records 12" (with Rick Preston)

San Francisco Sessions Vol 1 - Om Records CD compilation Mixed by Mark Farina (with Rick Preston)

Abstraktions Volume 2 - Abstrakt Reality records CD Compilation

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